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Wine need to breathe to get its original flavours, here is why…

  • Have you open a bottle of wine and realised it smells unpleasant like rotten eggs or burned matchstick?
  • Does the wine you open smell full of alcohol or have sharp tannins?

Halfway into the bottle of wine, you realised it gradually gets better. When the wine is at its peak, releasing and intensifies the aromas and flavours, you are already at your last sip.

There is a reason wine showed better aromas, flavour and finish after some time. Once the wine is open, it exposed to air and evaporation and oxidation started. This process removes volatile undesirable compounds found in wine, Hydrogen Sulphides and Ethanol. Hydrogen sulphide added during winemaking to prevent oxidation and microbial activity can give off smells of rotten eggs or burn matchstick. Ethanol cause alcohol in your face smell.

Fortunately, the volatile undesirable compounds will evaporate faster than the desirable, aromatic and flavourful ones. That is why we swirl the wine glass to get more air into the wine before drinking, trying to improve the wine.

The process of incorporating air into the wine is aerating.

Traditionally we aerate wine in a large decanter where the surface area of the wine exposed to air is large, thereby accelerate the process. This can take from 30 mins to 2 hours or more for the wine to show its true potential. This is the reason some wine connoisseurs will call their restaurant sommeliers to decant their wine one to two hours before they arrived for dinner.

Decanter is still a fantastic choice for old vintage and dedicate wines. However, for the bold, young tannic red wine, we invented a more modern approach. Wine aerator.

The wine aerator specifically designed to introduce air into the wine by sucking in air as you pour you wine. As the wine passes through the aerating chamber, air is introduced into the wine which immediately reacts with the wine's volatile compounds and removes it. This instantly unlocks aromas and flavours bringing your wine to the next level. No more waiting.

Eevino Wine Aerator is the new generation of aerator where air is introduced into the aerating chamber through five openings on the top. This prevents any leakages the first-generation aerator is prone to with its side opening. This new design also features wide slanted opening that makes it easier to pour wine into the chamber, prevent messy spills. Made with FDA approved food-grade materials, the aerator can also be dismantled into three sections for cleaning and it is dishwasher safe.

Enjoy better bouquet, enhance flavour and smoother finish instantly without the wait.